Online Courses

We are currently offering the following online courses.

Integral Yoga = 8 sessions

Meditation on the Body = 4 sessions

Introduction to Ayurveda = 6 sessions


These online courses are presented through beautiful audio (plus visuals) and video recordings in a clear and concise form that simultaneously maintain the depth of the subjects. Notes and personal practices are included. They cover a large body of knowledge and information and offer helpful practical demonstrations that you can go back to over and over again to support and guide your practices. The material is suitable beginners and advanced levels, including yoga teachers and will serve you well for many many years.


A range of subjects are covered:

- how to establish and create a daily home practice

- avoid injury

- flow and transitions

- alignment

- the relationship of breath to movement

- sacroiliac integrity and stability

- core stability and the pelvic girdle as your foundation

- the movement of the Vayus

- body scan

- yoga nidra

- guided visualizations

- the philosophy of Ayurveda

- doshas - your constitution

- dosha assessment

- dinacharya - daily routines

- food as medicine

- Ayurvedic lifestyle


And much more.....


The courses can be done either individually or all together.


Private 1 on 1 sessions can be costly and for half the fee, without having to waste time getting into your cars and navigating parking, we offer the equivalent of private tuition in the comfort of your own home.



Integral Yoga = R2750

Meditation on the Body = R1200

Introduction to Ayurveda = R2000


I have drawn from 35 years years of experience of my own practise, my honourable teachers, Donna Farhi, Desikachar, Dr Vasant Lad, Jack Kornfield and many others along the way, including my dear students.


I warmly invite you to join and continue to explore your journey together.

To sign up and register for any of the above courses please contact:

Once you have registered and made payment, you will have access to log into the courses.

Integral Yoga, Ayurveda & Meditation Course

18 sessions

Integral Yoga Course

8 sessions


Ayurveda Course

6 sessions

Meditation on the Body Course

4 sessions




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