Meet Helen

Helen Altman is a passionate yoga therapist and ayurvedica practitioner with over 30 years of experience. She has a deep love and commitment to the fulfillment of every persons wellness and potential. Her personal  practice and application is key to her work.


"The central thread of my life is working with the healing and integration of our bodies, hearts, minds and spirit. From the early age of 4, I began my training as a dancer and later as a choreographer. After completing an honors degree in Fine Arts at the University of Cape Town, I continued my studies as the Laban Centre in London. This training in movement analysis was a helpful paradigm in understanding the language of the body in a more analytical way. I subsequently took up the post as Movement Lecturer at the University of Cape Town Drama department for a decade.

As I got older, there arose the impulse to explore the more meta-physical aspects of embodiment and it was a natural progression to train as a yoga teacher and yoga therapist within the Ayurvedic context. Simultaneously I was deeply absorbed in psychology and the body therapies.

The wonderful book “The Body has Its Reasons” by Thérèse Bertherat and Carol Bernstein captivated my imagination.  The idea of our bodies being an emotional expression  of our felt senses and thoughts and as a map of our lives has stayed with me all these years. 

I continued my own process of healing through being called to twasa (trainee healer in the African tradition). My deep love and long term practise of the Dharma and Buddhism informs my life in a fundamental way. It is a true honour and privilege to assist in giving form and direction to that which needs rebalancing and healing.


As a feminine guide, witness and teacher and with experienced caring guidance, I facilitate a process of unfolding and flowering to allow the inner world of the spirit to find its compass towards a place of ease, balance and wellness."




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